Information on improving your team's submission rates in Teamgage

To ensure an inclusive process and deliver meaningful discussion, every team should aim for a 70%+ feedback submission rate. The key is demonstrating ‘active listening’ and showing that feedback is acted on. If your team’s submission rate is low consider the following:

  1. Ensure you’ve clearly communicated the ‘why’ and intent of the process to the team  
    Tip: ensure you answer the key ‘What’s in it for me?’ question for team members i.e. feedback creates valuable discussions and practical solutions for the whole team
  2. Send an email or other reminder to team members  
    Tip: outline timeframes and when you will next review feedback
  3. Set a feedback reminder in a group calendar etc just before your scheduled feedback review
  4. Get team members to submit feedback at the start of your team meeting  
    Tip: 20 seconds on a phone or mobile device is all it takes!
  5. Re-iterate your monthly cycle, when feedback is due and the value of having everyone’s input before the next session