There are three steps which should be performed by your organisation's IT team to reliably receive Teamgage reminder/notification emails:

  1. IP Whitelisting on the inbound mail gateway
  2. Domain/Sender Whitelisting on the spam filtering appliance
  3. Safe Senders List on the email client to ensure images are displayed correctly

These steps may differ depending on which software, providers and network architecture is used by your organisation and will need to be interpreted as appropriate for your unique environment.

Inbound Mail Gateway (or Email Security/Spam Filter)

For reliable delivery of Teamgage notification emails, whitelisting needs to be applied beyond that of a casual sender, to ensure that emails are not delayed or incorrectly marked as spam. This is in part due to the frequency and volume of Teamgage notifications being sent to your organisation.

IP Whitelisting

Teamgage sends reminder emails using SendGrid, configured with a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) on our own dedicated IP address. This IP needs to be whitelisted to bypass greylisting and repudiation checks, as these fluctuate based on the actions of third-parties and can be subject to false-positives and boycotts from time to time.

IP addresse:

Required step:

  • Mimecast: Add a “Permitted Senders Policy” specifying “Validity” as follows:
    More info:
    • Source IP Range (CIDR notation):
  • Trend Micro HES: Under “IP Repudiation” > “Approved/Blocked”:
    • On the “Approved” tab, under “IP Addresses”, add the IP address:

Domain/Sender Whitelisting

Teamgage notification emails originate from our company domain, along with other support and administrative correspondence.

Sender domain:

Return Path/Return Address domain:

Required step:

  • Mimecast:Add a “Permitted Senders Policy” (or add to the one above) specifying “Emails From” as follows:
    • Addresses Based On: select either “The Message From Address” or “Both”.
      If you are uncomfortable with this setting, be sure to also add below.
    • Applies From, Email Domain, specifically:
  • Trend Micro HES: Under “Approved Senders”:
    • Managed Domain: Select the relevant email domain(s) used by your staff
    • Add: * then click “Approve Sender”
    • Add: * then click “Approve Sender”

Note: We recommend whitelisting both the Sender/From Address and Return Path/Return Address domains as some appliances filter on either or both of these fields.

Note: Teamgage has configured security features including SPF and DKIM for this sending domain. This means that your mail gateway is able to verify that emails with a From Address of were in fact sent by Teamgage, and so the above sender-domain policy can be applied in a secure manner.

Images in Mail Clients (or Safe Senders Lists)

To improve employee engagement and provide a consistent brand experience, the email client for your users should be configured to always render images in emails sent by Teamgage. Some email clients such as Outlook also include a secondary spam filter, which needs to be configured correctly.

This can usually be achieved by adding to your users’ Safe Senders List.

If this is not possible, then as a last resort you may consider adding to your company email address book/directory.

Please ensure that you test this configuration, and contact Teamgage support if you have any issues.