Due to its age and lack of updates, it's no longer possible to provide a user experience that is on par with other modern browsers via Internet Explorer.

For this reason we are now prompting users who login to Teamgage using Internet Explorer with a warning to switch to a modern browser. You will be presented with a button to open the page you are trying to access using Microsoft Edge, but you can also copy the link and paste it into your preferred browser such as Chrome or Firefox. You should also consider switching your default browser to prevent this warning from showing up each time you follow your Teamgage link. If you need help with this please consult your IT department.

The eleventh version of IE was released 7 years ago, and a lot has changed in web technology since that time. Although Microsoft are still officially supporting IE11 for the immediate future, it’s important to recognise that this is not in and of itself an endorsement to continuing to use it – in fact that the chief of security at Microsoft says IE11 shouldn’t be considered as a browser at all, rather a “compatibility solution” for legacy web applications. He goes on to recommend that IE be used in a blacklist configuration, meaning that the browser be used for a specifically listed set of legacy applications, not by default.

Microsoft’s own subsidiaries are beginning to drop support for IE, two notable example being LinkedIn from July 2020, and Microsoft Teams from December 2020.

Everyone at Teamgage is driven to provide a great user experience to you and your teammates and your help in using a modern browser is greatly appreciated.